About us

       Joshua L. Halderman, Inc. was incorporated in 2003 by Josh Halderman, a graduate of Jackson County Comprehensive High School. Josh has been around grading and concrete stages of construction since 1995.

Josh grew up into the family business of Clair Halderman & Son, Inc., a poured foundation company. He worked with his father and grandfather whenever he wasn't in school, (weekends, holidays, summers, and enrolled into youth apprenticeship in 11 & 12 grade) and saved majority of the money he made for future endeavors. 

      Josh always had an interest in off road machinery growing up. He always had a dream of one day owning a big grading company. When he was 16 years old he found an old small dump truck he wanted to buy. His father and older brother when in on the truck with him and he began to fix it up. A year later he found an old loader he wanted and purchased it . At this time he was a junior in high school. The next year he graduated a semester early and started working toward his future. He moved to Carnesville and built his house and business there. He found a trailer for his machine so he could move it from job to job.

     Slowly Josh has grown from micro jobs to bigger jobs. Over the years, Josh has worked up from his first truck and loader to later model machinery and a newer, bigger truck. He has worked up into equipment that he and his costumers can all rely on.

     Josh took what his father and grandfather taught him, along with all the experiences on jobs all over North Georgia as a kid growing up, working for the family business and started his own out of high school. Josh  continues to strive hard to his dream and gives a great finished product at a reasonable price. Joshua L. Halderman, Inc. is someone costumers can count on. We have the knowledge and experience to get your job done. We are committed to getting your job done how you want it, the first time.  Josh Halderman was born  in DeKalb County and grew up in Northeast Georgia. He currently resides in Carnesville, Georgia.