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Forestry mulching

The process of cutting and grinding standing vegetation in one process reducing it into smaller pieces to open areas up.   Little if any dirt disturbed. Usually used for thinning smaller brush/trees under 8".  Available on loader or excavator.

Brush mowing

Rotary mower on compact track loader, mowing up to 2"-3" material. Can mow on slopes where rubber tire equipment can't and blade tip can cut up to 14' to cut tree limbs back on property lines on sides of driveways.


Excavating such as basements, grading for buildings, final grades, and grading for runoff drainage. I have corrected many existing drainage issues around buildings. Most water issues with structures are created from poor grading around structure (as well as gutter down spouts)

Land clearing & Demolition

Clearing for new structures, farms, property owners, residential, commercial.

-Conventional clearing

-Brush mowing

-Forestry mulching

-Demolishing old structures

Tub grinding

Processing stumps, brush, slash, limbs, and logs into small mulch that can be used on site as erosion control or for landscaping. Great where cost of trucking/tipping fees are high, no local landfill, or project is bigger than trucking off makes since.

Erosion control

-Commercial hydro-seeding, applying seed, lime, fertilizer, and tackifier onto the ground in a mix that sets, reducing wind and water erosion while seed germinates.  

-Straw blowing. 

-Occasionally install silt fence.