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 Carnesville customer
-It looks a hundred times better, you did a great job! (grading, brush mowing low hanging limbs on driveway)

Greenville customer
-Guys in the business are a dime a dozen and will work for cheap, BUT they can't do what you can do! (grading)
-Man you're good on that, I wish I had you grade other job. Landscaper left it so bad the mower scalps the dirt. (grading)
-What you call needing hand work is nothing, I have had other grading contractors say job needs hand work when they leave and the whole job is a mess and they accomplished nothing but making it worse. (grading)
Carnesville customer
-You're about as smooth of an operator as I've ever seen. (land clearing)

Gainesville customer
-You have a great eye for what you do. (grading)

Oakwood customer
-You did this in a third of the time previous contractor did. (brush mowing)

Anderson customer
-He does a great job. (brush mowing)-
-That thing is amazing (brush mowing)

Toccoa customer
-You do great work (grading)
-Man, that really ground the pile up good! (forestry mulching)

Auburn customer
-You did a really good job, and were professional. It looks a whole lot better. (demolition)

Buford customer
-Your work looks better than most of them out there, its tight and not falling over. (silt fence install)

Hartwell customer
-I started to give up on it but it came in great. (hydro seeding Bermuda in the middle of summer with limited water)

Neese customer
-Excellent work (Excavation, grading, forestry mulching) 

When projects are finished I'm always met with "thanks", I believe that shows the product and workmanship i leave behind.



Before meeting with a contractor, make sure you know what you are looking for. Sometimes I am asked to come do a site evaluation only to be met with a property owner that can't explain what end result they are looking for.  It always helps to have new structure or area to be cleared marked.

Call 811 and mark utilities before contractor starts project, its the law

Check with local municipality for any permits envolving your project